A place to come to...

We believe that our welcoming friendliness is one of Christ Lutheran Church’s distinguishing characteristics. Whether you are a long time resident of our community, a newcomer, or an occasional guest, you are invited to become a part of our extended Christian family.  Come to worship; visit one of our educational or social offerings; participate in a musical group; or find a place to serve. Come find your spiritual home at Christ Lutheran Church in Marine on St. Croix.

...And A Place to Go From

As much as we hope you feel welcomed, valued, and included as part of our community, we hope you also feel invited to go. For we believe Christ Lutheran is not simply a place you come to – it is a place you go from, to create places, spaces, where everyone belongs, no one is excluded, and the love of God is made known.

As you leave, you are the church sent out into a world that is broken, divided and fearful, but you are sent out with a Word, a hope, a grace you can share. So go!

(But don’t forget we’d love to see you again here at Christ Lutheran!)