What is Christ Lutheran in Marine on St. Croix about?

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For Christ Lutheran’s Ministry (Stewardship) theme in 2014 we are going to make it easy. We are focusing on three words. Three words that we believe sum up what it means to be a disciple of Christ and a steward of the many blessings and gifts of life. Three words that you can easily remember and use as a mantra throughout your day. Three words that invite you to grow deeper in your relationship with God, with others and yourself. Three words which to help focus on the mission and ministry we share at Christ Lutheran. What are the three words? NOW~HERE~THIS.

NOW ~ I am sure there is some psychological reason that would explain why most of us spend so much time focusing our attention on either that which already has happened (the past) or that which might happen (the  future) while at the same time diminishing the present. Whether we are talking about being a steward of the life God has given to each of us, or about the ministry we share together ~ NOW is the time. Today is the gift that God has given. What would your life and our lives together look like if we lived more fully in the present NOW. 

HERE ~ Nothing against mission trips to help people in need. They are a great way of reaching out and serving in God’s world with love. No doubt that those who go on them come back with a deeper understanding of God, themselves and the world. But the negative is that they allow us to think that to be a person or church of mission means we go somewhere else. What if HERE (wherever Here is for you) is exactly where God wants you to be? What if right HERE is your mission? What if  HERE is exactly where God is at work in you, using you to bring healing, to bring hope, to bring grace? 

THIS ~ Whether we are in school, or whether we work, or whether we are retired and spend our days at home, we all have our routines. On Mondays we… On Tuesdays we … etc. But sometimes the routines dull our senses to what God is doing in the world. Sometimes the routines dull our senses to the ways that God might be calling us / using us not only right here and right now, but in how God is using us to do THIS . In the ordinary THIS  you are living life fully. In doing THIS you are, we are, being stewards of the life God has given us and of the ministry we share.

What is Christ Lutheran about? Christ Lutheran in Marine on Saint Croix is about NOW, HERE, THIS.  Christ Lutheran truly believes that God is using you and me 

right NOW and right HERE to do exactly THIS.


“We the People of Christ Lutheran Church Are a Welcoming Community Seeking to Grow Faithful and Transformed Members, Who Serve in God’s World with Love.”

We believe that our welcoming friendliness is one of Christ Lutheran Church’s distinguishing characteristics.  Whether you are a long time resident of our community, a newcomer, or an occasional guest, you are invited to become a part of our extended Christian family.  Come to worship; visit one of our educational or social offerings; participate in a musical group; or find a place to serve.  Come find your spiritual home at Christ Lutheran Church  in Marine on St. Croix.

Our history...

140 years ago, the Swedish settlers who chose Marine Mills as their  home started a church with the mission belief “...to at last come here to unite ourselves in God’s name.” 

In 1872, eighty-one people gathered  to begin a church congregation for themselves and the generations that followed. They built a church, paying $540 for lumber and $348.12 for labor. The site they chose sat on top of a hill, overlooking the St. Croix River and its Valley, so the community could follow the light from the steeple tower. 

The church mission written in Swedish translates into the needs of today’s generation…“As most of us have considered that such a step is necessary for the welfare of Christ’s kingdom and our own souls’ welfare…”

Today the light of the steeple tower continues to shine. Old and young worship together in a remodeled handicap-accessible facility. Area organizations are encouraged to utilize Christ Lutheran’s expanded gathering spaces like the Nyman Center and Torgeson Hall, for meetings and to learn more about the warmth and fellowship enjoyed by church members.

Created in God’s image, we are called to celebrate our unity in Christ and live as His followers, with the light of Christ shining through us. We are the church, one church, Christ’s church  —generation to generation—with the beacon of light brightening our world.

We are part of the St. Paul Area Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)


Family Faith Formation

Family Faith Formation Ministry at Christ Lutheran Church provides opportunities for children, youth and adults to be both nurtured in individual spiritual growth and accepted and encouraged in Christian Community, outreach and discipleship. 

We believe strongly that parents/families are the primary models of faith and the church reinforces and nurtures spiritually mature young people in a ministry environment where they experience:

  • Individual faith development: discovering gifts and how God is calling them into service

  • Small Group faith development: A cohort model for young people and those who have similar passions and learning needs

  • Community faith development: Celebrating together in fellowship and worship the diversity of talents and gifts and our call to a common mission

Pastor Joel

Joel Martin began his call as senior pastor at Christ Lutheran in February of 2009. Previously he served for 12 years as pastor of Lord of the Valley Lutheran Church in Granby, Colorado and before that as a chaplain at Fairview-University (then Riverside) Medical Center in Minneapolis.

Joel is known for his skills at preaching and leading worship. His warm and upbeat personality emerges as he brings to worship an honest and hope-filled demeanor. His messages proceed on a foundation of Biblical scholarship and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of the community and congregation. In worship, Bible study, and in daily conversations, Joel is continually inviting the congregation to expand their understanding of what it means to intentionally live lives as followers of Christ.

Joel received his Master of Divinity degree from Luther Seminary in St. Paul and his Doctorate in Ministry from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

Joel and his wife, Linda, live in Marine with their son and their daughter, both of whom attend schools in the Stillwater district.


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